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Festival Program

Thanks to everyone who came out to see the films! In case you missed it, you can see the entire show here:

Submissions from the internet

Sweded Inception (2011)
Jason Robinson: Charlottesville, VA

Hunger Games Reality Show (2012)
Rohan Makhijani: New York, NY

Back to the Future (Sweded) (2012)
Billy Chase: Roanoke, VA

The Animated Heavy Metal Parking Lot (2008)
Leslie Supnet: Winnipeg, Canada

Students from the Summer 2013 “Going Low Tech” class at University of Mary Washington

The Shining (Sweded)
Kelly Fisne

Drive – Sweded
Austin Bouchard

Dum and Dummer
Terra Sadek

Silence of the Lambs
Robert Luther

Grease Sweded
Ashley Smith